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Excellent affordable and professional whitening

Posted Friday 02 Dec 2016 20:45 PM
Emma is so lovely and the service was really good.... I'm so pleased with the results I can't believe how white they are! I know people who have paid £100's for the same results! Will definitely go back up for a top up in 12 months as that's all there need one 15 min session to keep them beautifully white ??

Sophie Pearson

Posted Friday 16 Sep 2016 13:46 PM
I had my teeth whitened today and I absolutely love the results!! Such a professional lady, who talked me through the procedure and after care. Would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is thinking about having their teeth done! Thank you so much!

First experience with tooth whitening

Posted Sunday 28 Aug 2016 15:37 PM
Emma did a excellent job on my teeth.. Very friendly and makes you feel at ease I highly recommend. Michael from Dover

Amazing results!!

Posted Tuesday 28 Jun 2016 13:16 PM
Had my teeth whitened by the Lovely Emma.....I can't stop looking at my's made such a difference ??. Super friendly and no fuss at all, time flu passed and I felt really at ease. Can highly recommend

Teeth whitening

Posted Saturday 19 Mar 2016 11:48 AM
This was my first experience of teeth whitening and happy to report that it went great! The service received from Emma was brilliant, warm, friendly and also extremely informative. Will definitely recommend and will be returning next year for a top up as the results were fantastic. Lots of compliments. Thankyou Emma :)

So pleased

Posted Saturday 12 Mar 2016 14:28 PM
I had my teeth done on Tuesday and have had loads of compliments already so pleased with them they're so white ..Emma was lovely, I was fully informed about all aspects of treatment and aftercare and was so comfortable and relaxed that I fell asleep and woke myself up by snoring ?? x

Teeth Whitening

Posted Saturday 06 Feb 2016 12:00 PM
The result was outstanding and so much better than I had expected. Emma is very professional and the care factor was there throughout the whole experience, unlikely most places I've been to in the past. The added bonus of a home visit makes the overall service 5 star. Thank you. Zey.

5star really happy xx

Posted Monday 01 Feb 2016 14:10 PM
Just had the pleasure of meeting Emma, she worked her magic on my teeth. I really couldn't be any happier with my teeth. Thank you for giving me my confidence back, Lovely lady and lovely service. Will be recommending spartlem 5star ??????????

Very happy :)

Posted Friday 08 Jan 2016 15:38 PM
I have very discoloured teeth due to having various medications as a child. I was concerned that as they where severely discoloured that this system wasn't going to work. Sparklem was suggest through a work colleague, thought it worth a try. I am so impressed with the results of my teeth. They exceeded my expectations. Really comfortable procedure with fantastic results. Very happy customer.


Posted Monday 14 Dec 2015 22:10 PM
Love how well my teeth turned out today! Thank you to Emma for being so lovely and helpful and making me feel so comfortable. Amazing service and amazing results would definitely recommend and can't wait to come again!

Absoloutly amazing fantastic results!!!!

Posted Thursday 17 Sep 2015 10:11 AM
Cannot believe the difference my teeth look amazing can't stop smiling and showing off my new white teeth it's a real confidence boost after years of smoking and drinking coffee didn't realise how discoloured my teeth actually were until I had them whitened by sparklem and now they are definatly something that make me smile highly recommended thank you so much ??

Can't stop smiling!!!

Posted Tuesday 15 Sep 2015 20:26 PM
Love my new white teeth!! Emma made me comfortable at every step of the treatment. Fantastic results, I would highly recommend sparklem!! Thank you so much xx

Fantastic result

Posted Saturday 27 Jun 2015 10:49 AM
Had a treatment yesterday at Sparklems. My teeth where badly discoloured from too much fizzy. So wasn't expecting a perfect result. My teeth where near the bottom of the scale! After an hours quite relaxing session I was shown my teeth. WOW! I couldn't believe the results. I haven't seen my teeth look so good since I was a teenager ! I am so amazed how fantastic they look. Can't stopping smiling at myself or anyone that I see. Thanks Sparklem. Brilliant ! Xx

I Love my results ????

Posted Wednesday 08 Apr 2015 12:33 PM
My daughter and I was both treated to having our teeth whitened by my lovely mum xxx Emma and Shelley are so lovely and welcoming. The salon is absolutely beautiful, best of all they deliver what they promise, thanks girls xxx

New smile

Posted Wednesday 18 Mar 2015 07:05 AM
My friend and I had a joint appointment. The girls brought 2 lasers and made the process very quick and comfortable. After an hour we where both really surprised how well our teeth came out. I had 10 shades lighter and my friend 11. Well worth the money. Have already booked in my partner. Good job girls.

Couldn't be happier with results !!

Posted Wednesday 14 Jan 2015 14:26 PM
So pleased with the results cant believe how great my teeth look now! I loved that i didn't even need to leave the house! Emma was great and the results were better than i ever expected ! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND . Thank you.

Great result

Posted Saturday 03 Jan 2015 10:23 AM
I have to say I was very surprised at the result. It exceeded my expectations. I have a fabulous white smile to start the new year. Very well done

Perfect results

Posted Wednesday 10 Sep 2014 22:17 PM
Thank you sparklem. My teeth came out perfect. Really happy with my results. Will be seeing you again

The result I was looking for.

Posted Tuesday 03 Jun 2014 21:56 PM
Had extremely stained teeth, tried various products and treatments with little, or no results. A friend recommended Sparklem. I visited a salon and after an hour gained what I've spent years looking for. A treatment that works! Money well spent and a new white teeth. Thank you sparklem. Alan


Posted Thursday 24 Apr 2014 18:53 PM
Thanks ladies. Wanted to be sparkled and you definitely did that. Really impressed with your services and the brilliant results. Rob, Gaz and mike.

Excellent results

Posted Sunday 05 Jan 2014 22:24 PM
Myself and friends had a teeth whitening party over the Xmas period. The girls where friendly and made us feel at ease. We had our treatments done at the same time as they brought 2 lasers which was even better. Each whitening session only took one hour, and we ended up with all beautifully white teeth. So pleased as a very reasonable price, and with excellent results. Good job sparklem. Sue and the girls x

Better than Bumrungrad!

Posted Saturday 21 Dec 2013 16:47 PM
I was genuinely delighted with my tooth whitening. Having had treatments at the renowned Bumrungrad clinic in Thailand in the past, I can honestly say this was a better job. Faster, more comfortable and a great deal cheaper!!! I left with the whitest smile I have seen in years, which as a smoker has left me feeling very happy! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! I will definitely be coming back.


Posted Wednesday 20 Nov 2013 14:04 PM
Really really over the moon. My teeth needed to be sparkled and they definitely are. Easy comfortable procedure. Emma is great and extremely professional. Gone to the top white on the teeth chart. Couldn't be happier Gary

top up :)

Posted Wednesday 13 Nov 2013 12:47 PM
really happy after having my teeth topped up. Had the full treatment last year and wanted a brighten up. It took only 20 minutes and my teeth look beautiful. Very happy. See you again next year sparklem love ange xxx


Posted Monday 21 Oct 2013 22:55 PM
After being recommended sparklem I booked last week. Very professional service.great results and was pain less. Many thanks Joey


Posted Saturday 07 Sep 2013 22:08 PM
emma came to my house at the exact time she said, felt no pain at all(and I have from previous treatments from others) my teeth where very clean to start with and after 45 minutes they where perfect.people at work kept asking have you had your teeth made brighter?..emma is a lovely girl and I will definatley see her again next year.xx

I got it right now there white!!

Posted Thursday 29 Aug 2013 22:48 PM
Very impressed with the service sparklem provided today Very polite and very professional Really impressed with my teeth 14 shades whiter I will be using you again Thanks Emma See you soon

Teeth and wrap

Posted Wednesday 29 May 2013 23:07 PM
Really happy with results. Lost 20 inches on my wrap and my teeth are 12 shades lighter. Excellent results with 2 very professional and friendly girls. Thank you Emma and Shelley. See you again Mel xxx

Happy Bride & Groom to Be! : )

Posted Monday 27 May 2013 14:56 PM
Paul and I both wanted nice white teeth for our wedding day and that's exactly what we got! : ) They're perfect! I also had the clay body wrap which was great and it worked too! I lost 15 inches in total! Emma and Shelly were very friendly and made us feel very relaxed and comfortable. I'd definately recommend them. Thank you both very much and I hope to see you again in the future. Natalie : ) X

Thank you!!

Posted Thursday 02 May 2013 21:18 PM
Absolutely love my teeth!! Didn't think they would turn out so white , Feel like a completely different person! Emma was very attentive and made me feel so at ease .. Thank you so much I'm a very happy lady!

back to white

Posted Friday 19 Apr 2013 22:33 PM
had emma call yesterday to whiten my teeth i was amazed on how professional the service was and how many shades she brought my teeth up thanks emma x

Very happy bride-to-be!!

Posted Tuesday 16 Apr 2013 20:39 PM
I had my teeth whitened for the first time today. Emma was very professional, punctual and friendly. Process was painless although I experienced some slight sensitivity - nothing major!! I am so happy with my new pearlys. Will definitely recommend Emma to friends and family. I'll be smiling very wide for my wedding photos! Thanks Emma :-)

Teeth Whitening

Posted Monday 15 Apr 2013 13:21 PM
Thank you Emma for giving me confidence again, very very pleased.

Lovely white teeth

Posted Thursday 11 Apr 2013 11:47 AM
Thanks Emma. Just had my first treatment today. Boring process but well worth it and only a little time really. Makes my teeth look less wonky too. Really pleased.

Kelly Rea

Posted Saturday 06 Apr 2013 11:46 AM
Emma treated me twice now and have had fab results also long lasting and Emma was very honest in saying what treatment was required. Thanks with a big white smile

Fantastic results

Posted Friday 15 Mar 2013 20:52 PM
Really pleased with the results of teeth whitening would recommend to family and friends

happy healthy smile

Posted Thursday 07 Mar 2013 22:18 PM
had my teeth done yesterday. Emma was friendly and a professional. The laser treatment was painless and im really happy with the way my teeth ended up. They got 12 shades lighter. Money well spent. Already booked my girlfriend in. Thanks to emma and sparklem im one happy chappy :D

Gleaming white smile

Posted Thursday 07 Feb 2013 12:17 PM
I'm a smoker and a tea drinker and my teeth looked very stained. Sparklem was my first choice as I know a few friends and colleagues that have used them. I opted for a home visit, saved leaving the house! Within minutes equipment set up and all explained I was ready to go. After one hour laying there nearly asleep, I was shown my teeth. What a difference it made. All those horrible brown bits in between and all the yellow tea stains had gone.leaving a very healthy gleaming white smile. I'm so impressed. Well worth the money and would recommend sparklem to anyone who asks me. Many thanks. Kathy.

So happy, absolutely brilliant

Posted Thursday 17 Jan 2013 08:29 AM
So happy I chose Sparklem to whiten my teeth. They certainly live up to their name. Friendly, experienced and professional Emma kept me informed of exactly what was happening and 45 minutes later my teeth were 13 shades lighter .......can't stop smiling now. Love my teeth :) Thank you Emma .........will be recommending u to everyone and will book you for my top up when it's due xxx

Fab results

Posted Tuesday 15 Jan 2013 10:50 AM
Had my teeth whitened at home with Emma who is absolutely lovely, she made me feel very relaxed and comforble instantly and has given me the confidence to smile showing my teeth after going 11 shades whiter in just an hour!! Highly recommend. Thank you Emma x

Sparkley smile

Posted Friday 11 Jan 2013 10:11 AM
After booking a girls holiday, me and my friends decided to get our teeth whitened before we went away. There where 4 of us had the treatment. We are all truly amazed at our results. All of our teeth came up really white, it was a comfortable experience and Emma is good company too, I'd highly recommend Sparklem. Thanks very much we will be seeing you in the future for out top ups! Tiff and the girls :) xxx

White Teeth!!

Posted Wednesday 09 Jan 2013 19:04 PM
My teeth where discoloured to say the least, they always have been and now for the first time i can actually smile without trying to hide my teeth, all thanks to Emma who was so nice and put me at ease as soon as she came into the house. I really would recommed her to anyone and everyone shes excellent and now thanks to her so are my teeth!! Big thanks Emma x

Fantastic results

Posted Wednesday 09 Jan 2013 14:59 PM
Had my teeth whitened at a salon a few weeks back. Well happy with how they turned out. Real easy and quick treatment and fantastic results. Thanks. Carl.


Posted Monday 07 Jan 2013 22:31 PM
Emma was brilliant had my teeth whitened at salon i felt very comfortable and at ease very pleased with the results and Emma is lovely i highly recommend her.Thankyou. ju x

My confidence is back!

Posted Sunday 06 Jan 2013 10:33 AM
The wonderful Emma made me feel relaxed and comfortable as soon as she walked through the door. My teeth are brilliant and now I can smile away with confidence, I feel like a new me, thankyou/


Posted Friday 21 Dec 2012 14:50 PM
Fantastic service, teeth have not looked so good in years and what a lovely practitioner... Felt instantly at ease and a little over an hour later had a brand new smile.... Cannot recommend highly enough! Very satisfied customer xx

Thank you!!!!

Posted Tuesday 18 Dec 2012 22:22 PM
Had the lovely Emma visit a few days ago, was so quick and easy, no pain at all and not forgetting a new smile. Used whitening before at a top london dentist and left burns to my gums and awful pain! Emma has an eye to detail and care, it's so good to see. Thank you! Dan x

Sparkly teeth!

Posted Sunday 16 Dec 2012 14:33 PM
Had my teeth whitened on Thursday by Emma, and very pleased with the results! Emma was absolutely lovely, and the procedure was completely pain free! Would definitely recommend this service! Thank you, Courtney x

10 shades whiter

Posted Sunday 16 Dec 2012 10:18 AM
Fab results for the three of Us in Canterbury on Saturday 15th December. MERRY XMAS AND THANK YOU XXX

A Sparklem Smile

Posted Tuesday 11 Dec 2012 11:43 AM
I had Emma come round to our house last night and had my teeth whitened ready for my wedding next year! I am extremely happy with the results my teeth are 9 shades whiter and only 2 away from the whitest shade! My Husband to be now intends to get his done next year. Extremely safe and painless and Emma is so lovely! Thank you! x

10 shades whiter :)

Posted Friday 07 Dec 2012 21:17 PM
Had my teeth whitened today by Emma and I'm really pleased with the results. Can't stop smiling! Thank you x

i love me new sparkled teeth !

Posted Thursday 06 Dec 2012 17:28 PM
I got my teeth whitened by Emma a few weeks ago for my birthday and every single day since getting them whitened i have had people compliment me on my smile and how beautiful and white my teeth are :) Thanks so much Emma ! - i will definatly be returning for a top up next year Rosey xox

How happy are we!!

Posted Wednesday 05 Dec 2012 21:53 PM
My Mum and I both had our teeth whitened today by Emma and Becky....cannot Thank you both enough, the results are amazing and you were both so lovely...would recommend Sparklem to anyone!! I will be a very happy bride on saturday with a very happy Mum too...Thank you again x

Thank you Sparklem

Posted Tuesday 04 Dec 2012 14:33 PM
My husband and I had our teeth whitened by Emma. She came to our house, which was very convenient. She was very polite and friendly. Very proffesional, and most important of all, she did a great job. We have had our teeth whitened twice before, and this was by far the most comfortable, and the best result we have seen. Happy to recommend Sparklem to anybody looking to get their teeth whitened.

Whiter smile!

Posted Friday 30 Nov 2012 10:12 AM
Thank you so much Emma love my new whiter smile! Emma your a lovely lady. Emma made me feel relaxed and explained everything clearly. I was worried about my teeth feeling sensitive after but there has been no change and no pain just whiter teeth! Thank you!! Charlotte

Thank you Emma

Posted Wednesday 28 Nov 2012 21:55 PM
We have just had our teeth whitened by Emma and they look absolutely fantastic!!! Emma was with us for a good couple of hours, she was very professional, knew exactly what she was doing and left us both feeling so happy with our shiny white teeth, best of all is that she is funny, bubbly and an absolute pleasure to be with. We will recommend you to everyone Emma. Thank you!!! Suzanne, & Ann

Amazing results!!

Posted Wednesday 14 Nov 2012 23:34 PM
Thank you Emma for whitening our teeth. You visited us at our pad in July before our holiday and the results were amazing. My teeth had never looked so white before. Emma was so nice and made you feel comfortable throughout the process. Thank you. Jem and Jim

Stunning white teeth

Posted Thursday 01 Nov 2012 11:51 AM
I went to see Emma, this morning fabulous service! Fabulous results very pleased. I highly recommend sparklem! Thank you Emma.

New white teeth!

Posted Wednesday 24 Oct 2012 14:04 PM
Having smoked for 40 years my teeth looked their age. Myself, sister and friend where recommended sparklem.The whitening was pain free and i was comfortable during it. Everything was explained before hand so I knew what to expect. The girls are very friendly and make you feel relaxed though out.We are all very happy with our results as mine where 13 shades lighter! Thank you Emma and Shelly, you will be seeing us again in the future. Sue,Clare and Harriet. xxx

Outstanding results!

Posted Wednesday 10 Oct 2012 20:40 PM
Great results, professional, personable. Delighted with the results of my whitening treatment. Emma is a lovely lady, she explains everything fully. I highly recommend Sparklem to everyone. Thanks agai. Lucy x


Posted Saturday 29 Sep 2012 17:28 PM
Had our teeth whitened thursday absolutely amazed at the results. Didn't think they would turn out as good as they did. Fiancé and I are ready for our wedding now! Mother in law to be had hers done too. She was amazed by the results too as she had heavily stained smokers teeth which now look healthy as ever. Emma was a true professional and good company. Thank you Emma. Teeth whitening is well worth the money. Just find out about what you can eat on the 48hr white diet first as its stricter than we thought but worth doing. Thank you again Clare, Dan & Carol xxx

13 shades lighter

Posted Sunday 23 Sep 2012 16:07 PM
I had my teeth done a few days ago, absolutely brilliant and so worth having done. Lovely professional ladies. Thank you :D


Posted Tuesday 11 Sep 2012 21:21 PM
Thank you! Really pleased with the results! Easy going,Friendly service, Emma is fantastic and explains everything. Very professional and highly recommended! Thanks again! Xx

Feel Younger

Posted Monday 10 Sep 2012 14:09 PM
Thank you Emma for my teeth whitening last Friday. When I look in the mirror, I think I look much younger than before and feel more confident about smiling. I do have sensitive teeth and my teeth were very sensitive for a few hours after the treatment but were fine the next day. I followed the white diet and although it was quite limited in what to eat, it isn't for very long. The thing I missed the most was my morning cup of tea. I made myself a cup of hot water instead!! Lovely pleasant lady and very professional. Would definitely recommend. Thank you. x Barbara x

Fab Results

Posted Friday 31 Aug 2012 08:42 AM
Thaanks emma im so please with the results, such a lovely lady who talks you through the process. She even pointed out something that my dentist has never even mentioned to me. thanks again :)

Absoultly Brilliant results

Posted Wednesday 29 Aug 2012 13:49 PM
Had my teeth whitened today by Emma she made me feel at ease and was very professional. My teeth look amazing now 12 shades lighter i would definately recommend her to anyone wanting a dazzling smile. Thank you so much Emma. steve x

White teeth for my white wedding.

Posted Tuesday 28 Aug 2012 16:54 PM
Had my teeth whitened by sparklem last week for my wedding. As everyone had told me id regret having discoloured teeth in the photos. Was really hoping it would work i am over the moon with the result! It was relaxing and pain free and my teeth are now 13 shades whiter. Thanks to sparklem my teeth matched my dress -white! Thank you so much. Linda. X x

Wonderful !

Posted Friday 24 Aug 2012 12:01 PM
I have just had my teeth whitened by Emma . The whole service from start to finish was perfect. Professional, friendly and relaxing. Emma is a pleasure to spend time with. I felt in safe hands. I am very happy with the results. My teeth now look bright and several shades whiter. I highly recommend Sparklem and Emma. Thank you !

Fantastic Results

Posted Monday 20 Aug 2012 20:08 PM
My hubby had his teeth whitened this afternoon, and really wasn't sure if this would work but couldn't believe the results 11 shades lighter and u can really tel the difference.... Im having mine done in couple of weeks for my birthday and would highly recomend this to anyone els :) hubby says the only downful to this is he can't have a beer for 2 days lol... Emma was great really friendly and professional..


Posted Monday 20 Aug 2012 11:30 AM
Had my teeth whitened this morning, 12 shades whiter, amazed at the results, emma was great, very professional, so happy, smiling all the time! Thanks Sparklem! :D


Posted Friday 10 Aug 2012 12:21 PM
brilliant brilliant , nothing can be said rather than that


Posted Friday 10 Aug 2012 10:40 AM
Had my teeth whitened Tuesday morning with Emma. Was worried that it wouldn't be as good as I had hoped for. But I was amazed at the difference, 11 shades whiter. Emma was lovely and made me feel at ease all the way through. I am so happy with them, I now feel I can smile with confidence, especially at my daughters wedding on the 1st September. Plus I lost 2lb on the white diet sheet for the 48hrs after the whitening. Bonus. Thanks again Emma. Have recommended you to my friends and family who have already booked. Angela xx

Absoultly Brilliant!!!

Posted Monday 06 Aug 2012 10:05 AM
Had my teeth done on Saturday by Georgina who was really good such a lovly person and very professional. I felt completley relaxed during the process. The results were much better than I thought they would be!!! I have already recommened Sparklem to a few freinds who will definately be in contact. Thanks Georgina xxxxx Frm Darren and Dogs

Brilliant results!

Posted Thursday 02 Aug 2012 08:28 AM
Had my teeth whitened last night by Emma. Emma was great very professional and made me feel completely relaxed. My teeth look amazing and much better then I than i imagined they would. Def would have it done again and will be recommending Sparklem to anyone wishing tohave their teeth whitened. Thank you so much Emma xxxx

Wonderfull !!!

Posted Tuesday 31 Jul 2012 08:21 AM
What can i say its brilliant my husband and i are so pleased with to result both 11 shades whiter. Emma was lovely made us feel at ease as we didn't know what to expect. Will defintely recommend. Thankyou Emma. LIsa and Shaun xx

Great Results!!!

Posted Monday 30 Jul 2012 23:21 PM
Thank you for whitening my teeth for me tonight. I am very happy with the results as the are 11 shades lighter. Much better results than i imagined.Thank you. Shona x

Whiter than i had hoped for

Posted Thursday 19 Jul 2012 20:30 PM
Had my teeth whitened today by Emma,she was on time ,she explained everything and i felt very comfortable that she knew what she was doing,i was worried the results may not be as good as i had hoped but they were better and im very pleased with the results,they are very white and realy sparkle :) thankyou Emma ;) i would definately recommend her to anyone wanting a dazzling smile.

Great service.

Posted Friday 13 Jul 2012 15:21 PM
Emma came round to whiten my teeth this morning as I have a wedding come up. Really pleased with the results. Emma is so friendly and makes you feel as though she's an old friend but still very proffessional at the same time. Highly recommend. Thanks Emma.


Posted Saturday 07 Jul 2012 15:08 PM
I had just come out of hospital and thought I would treat myself to my teeth being whitened. The service was second to none and Emma was not only friendly and professional, it was as though I had known her all my life. My teeth came out 11 shades whiter and has now given me the confidence to smile again. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering this treatment. Thanks Emma xx

great value

Posted Saturday 07 Jul 2012 12:26 PM
I am really pleased with the results, 8 shades lighter. Emma is very professional I would highly recommend. Linda

Fantastic - so happy!!

Posted Thursday 05 Jul 2012 11:02 AM
I am so so pleased with the results, i thought my teeth where quite white before the treatment but in comparison they are now sparkling!! An affordable treat in preparation for my holiday next week. Emma is fantastic, very professional and lovely, thank you!! :)

Sparkling Teeth

Posted Thursday 05 Jul 2012 10:20 AM
I arranged for Emma to come last Friday morning as I had an important interview and wanted to look good. From the time she arrived at my house I felt relaxed and as if I had met her before. Emma provided an excellent friendly service and I was delighted with the results. I will definitely be recommending this service and using Emma again. Thank you.

lovely service

Posted Friday 22 Jun 2012 20:30 PM
Brilliant white teeth, 11 shades brighter!! Spent most of the process chatting, made me feel really comfortable and at ease. Emma's lovely and made it a really great experience. Thank U!!

Service with a really white smile

Posted Thursday 21 Jun 2012 12:01 PM
Just had Emma come round and work her magic, it really is as good as the site says I went up thirteen shades, completely painless in fact your likely to nod off!. Emma is a delightful technician ,putting you at ease, as she takes you through the process. I will now smile with confidence, and recommend sparklem to my friends. Thanks for wonderful job Emma

Very professional service!!

Posted Tuesday 12 Jun 2012 20:30 PM
What a difference an hour makes!! Stained teeth to start with from smoking and red wine. An hour later 10 shades lighter and no sign of a stain. Emma is a lovely lady. She came to my house tonight and as soon as I started talking to her I felt very much at ease. She explained every process in detail before we began which was great and relaxed me as this was the first time having my teeth whitened.I will recommend to everyone. Thanks Emma.

Love them!!!

Posted Tuesday 12 Jun 2012 09:29 AM
Thank you so much for my white teeth Emma :) love them, defo recommended to anyone who is looking to get them done :) xxx

Great Service!

Posted Saturday 09 Jun 2012 21:46 PM
Had this treatment this week and very please with the results. Great service and made to feel confortable, relaxed and at ease. Brilliant service at a great price!! Thank you x

Extremely professional and great laser whitening

Posted Friday 08 Jun 2012 22:38 PM
Had my teeth whitened today.Really pleased with the results.Lovely and really friendly company. will use again and can recommend :) Thankyou.

Great Teeth Whitening!

Posted Thursday 07 Jun 2012 22:44 PM
Thanks Georgina for giving me such sparkley white teeth! : ) They look great! I recommend her and the company very strongly. She was very friendly and we hit it off quite well! : ) Hope to book you again! Thank you very much! Xx

12 shades lighter!!!

Posted Wednesday 06 Jun 2012 14:17 PM
After having my teeth whitened, I recommended Emma and the company to everyone! The results are great, I am so pleased. Emma makes you feel so relaxed and at ease, anyone that is thinking of having any treatment done by "Sparklem" go for it...You wont regret it...! Its worth every penny! Havent smiled so much in ages...! Thanks Em xx ( such a genuine & friendly person ) xxx

Great Service!!

Posted Tuesday 05 Jun 2012 20:11 PM
Very professional service with great outcome. Very happy with the results and Emma was friendly which made the whole process alot easier. Thanks!


Posted Tuesday 05 Jun 2012 13:35 PM
Thank,s to Emma i can smile again,,My teeth were disgusting,,and when i smiled i tried not to show my teeth because i was embarresed by them,,,,Emma came out and gave me a consultation and explained everything clearly,,,My teeth are 13 shades whiter now,,and look amazing,,every body has commented how lovely my teeth are,,,and the procedure didnt hurt ,and i was relaxed that much i dozed off,,lol,,Thank,s Emma,,you certainly are a profesional,,,Thank,s again,,xx


Posted Saturday 02 Jun 2012 13:19 PM
Thanks so much to Georgina for making the teeth whitening experience so easy. I'm now 10 shades lighter thanks to her. She was friendly and the aftercare advice was brilliant. Thinking of booking a top-up just before our wedding. I will be recommending this service to everyone I know. 5 stars!!! Terri-Anne xxxxx

Best birthday present!!!

Posted Saturday 02 Jun 2012 12:22 PM
Massive thank you to Emma! The whole experience was totally relaxing with a fantastic result at the end of it. It's so lovely to smile with confidence now I just want to smile all the time ;-) Patsy x

New white teeth

Posted Friday 01 Jun 2012 07:30 AM
Thank you so much for the lovely job Georgina did on mine and my friends teeth last Friday morning. We are more than pleased with the results.

its a must

Posted Thursday 31 May 2012 12:44 PM
I heard about sparklem on kmfm, I wasn't happy with the colour after years of smoking my teeth were yellow, especially the front ones not any more, amazing result, thank you soooo much emma, all my friends r well jell xxx nicky's nibbles xxx


Posted Thursday 31 May 2012 08:39 AM
Thank you Emma for a grand job! After many years of curries, red wine and the odd cigarette -I decided to try Sparklem-Wow I have white teeth again and feel confident to smile again. Jane x

Love my teeth

Posted Wednesday 30 May 2012 23:15 PM
A big thankyou to Emma & George for their hard work at my teeth whitening party testerday.Absolutely love my teeth, everyones impressed.Will def be recommending you. Bryoni xx


Posted Wednesday 30 May 2012 21:56 PM
fabulous, fabulous,fabulous!!! thanks for my teeth Emma they are really sparkling!!! Absolutely love them , thanks so much Zita XX

Fab! Fab! Fab!

Posted Tuesday 15 May 2012 10:59 AM
I had my teeth whitened by Emma recently and I was over the moon. The results were amazing and so much more than I even expected. It was quick, easy and pain free. Emma was lovely, so friendly and explained everything she was doing. Have already recommended to lots of my friends. Laura x

excellant results

Posted Tuesday 15 May 2012 10:06 AM
emma did an excellant job on my teeth yesterday top and bottom 9 shades lighter,very lovely lady, so pleased with the results,see you next year for my top up :) hannah xx


Posted Monday 14 May 2012 10:05 AM
i had my teeth whitened this week with georgina she was fab so friendly enjoyed the expereince had giggle to and cant beleive my teeth so pleased will definatley be back for a top up no doubt about it! worth every penny thanks again georgina all my friends are enquiring too !! LUSH

SO pleased!

Posted Tuesday 08 May 2012 17:52 PM
Had my teeth whitened today by Emma, and i am so pleased with the results they are 12 shades whiter, which i wasn't expecting. Emma is such a friendly lady and made me feel relaxed and at ease. I will defintely be recommending this too friends and family. well worth the money! xx


Posted Tuesday 08 May 2012 10:42 AM
I had my teeth whitened yesterday by emma, i have to say i was so amazed by the treatment, especially as a smoker i never thought i would have white teeth again. the treatment was so easy and all done in less than an hour. Emma was wonderful, put me at my ease and explained everything, what a lovely lady. i would highly recommend this treatment to everyone. just brilliant thank you so much, Karen xx

Best whitening ever!!

Posted Friday 04 May 2012 16:41 PM
Just had my teeth whitened this afternoon. Couldn't believe the results! Had them done many times in previous years by professional dentist. But lovely lady Emma did the best whitening ever!! Wil recommend her to my daughter. Many thanks.xx


Posted Friday 04 May 2012 13:32 PM
Thank you Emma had my teeth whitened this morning and I am very very pleased with the results. You are such a lovely lady and very easy to feel comfortable with. I will be letting everyone I know about your great service, thanks again. Theresa x

Super bright white smile!

Posted Thursday 03 May 2012 08:06 AM
Will be recommending Emma to all my friends and family. Great service, pain free and amazing white smile at the end of it. Me my boyfriend and dad all had the treatment and are all overjoyed with the result. Thanks so much Laura xxx

Satisfied customer !

Posted Tuesday 01 May 2012 19:56 PM
Thanks to Emma who whitened my teeth yesterday ,Great service and wonderful result ,well worth doing and Highly reccommended !!


Posted Sunday 29 Apr 2012 17:25 PM
Teeth were whitened on the ..23 rd April,...I was very cautious as i have a bridge on bottom teeth..was delighted with the going to book my daughter an d grand daughter to have theirs done....Emma was wonderful and done a great job.....very addictive cant wait to have a repeat...thankyou so much...xx

Lovely Bright Teeth

Posted Tuesday 24 Apr 2012 18:05 PM
Had my teeth whitened this morning by the lovely Emma!! Very professional service and excellent results , really happy thank you!!! Michelle

teeth whitening

Posted Tuesday 24 Apr 2012 16:25 PM
had my teeth done, home visit so didnt have to travel anywhere. results were amazing. thank you and will recommend to all of my friends.

sparkling teeth

Posted Tuesday 24 Apr 2012 13:44 PM
omg!! how white!!?? my teeth are fabulous!! thank you soo much my wedding pics r going to b awesome now. made me feel so good! i cant believe how white u have made my teeth!! love them! thank u thank u thank u xxxxx

Sparkling Teeth!

Posted Thursday 19 Apr 2012 19:35 PM
Had my teeth whitened this afternoon by Emma and I cannot recommend Sparklem enough. My teeth look great and Emma was absolutely lovely and very professional!

Teeth whitening

Posted Wednesday 18 Apr 2012 20:48 PM
Had my teeth whitened this morning,i am so pleased with the results,a lovely lady,will definitely recommend her to all my friends.Thankyou very much Emma.Lavina.xx

new teeth

Posted Friday 13 Apr 2012 05:07 AM
thanks emma love my new white teeth i thought your service was very professional and had great results thanks alot. jack

teeth whitening

Posted Thursday 12 Apr 2012 23:46 PM
had my teeth done by emma thank u so much they r grate so happy with the results!! will be recomending her 2 all i no x

Teeth whitening

Posted Saturday 07 Apr 2012 10:21 AM
Had my teeth done with Emma and couldn't be happier with my results!.. She's a lovely lady and will be recommending sparklem to all my family and friends.

Teeth whitening

Posted Monday 02 Apr 2012 21:33 PM
Emma done amazing job on my teeth! It went 11 shades lighter. Couldn't be more happy from results! :)

Teeth Whitening

Posted Monday 02 Apr 2012 20:45 PM
Had my teeth done today by Emma and am over the moon with the result. Such a lovely, professional lady and will definately be recomending her services to everyone i know. :)

Teeth Whitening

Posted Sunday 25 Mar 2012 19:52 PM
Had my teeth done today, absolutely in love with them! Emma is great, so friendly and makes you feel completely at ease. Will definitely be recommending to friends x

insideKENT Magazine visit Sparklem

Posted Thursday 22 Mar 2012 11:50 AM
I visited Emma from Sparklem while she was at Karma Beauty in Great Chart Nr Ashford, for what was all around great experience. It was the first time I had my teeth whitened and Emma put me at ease and was very professional. After the treatment my teeth were gleaming and I couldn't stop smiling! Great work Emma!

Teeth whitening!

Posted Tuesday 20 Mar 2012 21:56 PM
Had my teeth whitened last week and I'm so pleased with the results :o) was definetly worth the penny's and such a great price!

Top up

Posted Tuesday 20 Mar 2012 19:08 PM
Just had Emma round for my top up and they look even whiter didn't think they could!!!! love them and I'm very fond of my new mate Emma xx

Teeth Whitening

Posted Tuesday 20 Mar 2012 11:49 AM
I had my teeth whitened by Emma last week and I am soooo pleased with them. Before the treatment I was hoping that I would notice the difference, it actually turned out a 100 times better than I expected! Emma has such a professional and friendly manor, which she has passed onto her daughter Jessie, who carried out a spray tan for me recently. It was honestly the best spray tan I have had. Jessie listened to exactly what I wanted colour wise. Very pleased....... thank you Emma & Jessie, Ill definitely be in touch. Gemma xxx

Teeth whitening

Posted Friday 16 Mar 2012 21:16 PM
Emma whitened my teeth this evening am well pleased .had been using a home system which was taking forever gave Emma a call she came round tonight and 1 hour later had the perfect teeth. Emma is a very pleasant person who was very easy to talk to Should you be thinking of having your teeth whitened then Emma is the girl for the job

So pleased!

Posted Friday 16 Mar 2012 19:23 PM
I had my teeth whitened today and am thrilled with the results. A lovely lady, great service and more than worth the price :-)


Posted Wednesday 14 Mar 2012 13:17 PM
Emma whitened my teeth yesterday and they look soo much better! i went up 11 shades on top and bottom! Thank you x

teeth whitening

Posted Tuesday 13 Mar 2012 12:11 PM
emma whitened my teeth this morning an what a great job well pleased,thanks emma......D

Calafornia Spray Tanning

Posted Friday 09 Mar 2012 18:38 PM
I had a spray tan today for a party that I am going to at the weekend, Jessie was very thorough, and such a nice polite girl. The colour is amazing & very natural. I cant wait to go to the party show of my glow and tell everyone where I had it done. Thank you so much Jessie and I will most certainly be booking in with you again! x

New white teeth

Posted Sunday 04 Mar 2012 21:09 PM
I'm soooo chuffed with my new shiny White teeth ! Can't wait to flash these baby's off :) your a star and Im gonna recommend you to all my friends ! Thanks Hun , you've made me well happy ! Xx

Laser Teeth Whitening

Posted Friday 02 Mar 2012 21:02 PM
Well...... what a friendly, professional service to be had when you book with Emma for your Laser Whitening! No pain and quick treatment but done in your own home. Nothing was too much trouble and I was never made to feel silly asking loads of questions about the treatment. My teeth were quite white naturally to begin with but Emma still managed to work her magic and they were 6 shades lighter by the end of the treatment. Sparklem is the way forward....BOOK TODAY!! Go on......the testimonials speak for themselves so make that call! Thanks again Emma - Teresa x

Teeth whitening

Posted Friday 02 Mar 2012 18:00 PM
Had my teeth done by emma on monday, really happy with the results and afte having so much wrong with my teeth was nice to have a nice treat still lovely and white and such a nice person to be in the company of when having it done. Thank you fom Charlotte x

Teeth whitening

Posted Friday 24 Feb 2012 23:57 PM
Emma came and whitened my teeth a few weeks ago and they are fab! It was so quick and painless, eventhough I usually have sensitive teeth. Emma was lovely and made me comfortable:)

Laser teeth whitening

Posted Friday 24 Feb 2012 20:56 PM
I had my teeth whitened by Emma this morning, and I just can't believe the difference, I didn't realise it would make such a difference for such a simple and comfortable procedure, Emma made me feel very confident and explained each step of the process. I improved by 9 shades and think it was the best £100 that I have spent in such a long time. I am so pleased with the outcome and with Emma's professional and friendly approach, I will recommend Sparklem to all of my friends. Thanks Emma x

teeth whitening

Posted Thursday 23 Feb 2012 13:12 PM
Thanks so much Emma, teeth look amazing really pleased with the result, 9 for top and 10 for bottom shades difference. chrissy xx

Teeth Whitening

Posted Wednesday 22 Feb 2012 15:07 PM
Thank you so much Emma. Emma came to my house today and whitened my teeth, and wow, what a result, my bottom teeth changed by 12 shades and my top by 10, it was instant. I am so pleased with my results and Emma is such a lovely lady. I will be recommending her to all my friends. x

Laser Teeth Whitening

Posted Tuesday 21 Feb 2012 18:05 PM
Wow, what a wonderful change to look in the mirror and see white teeth. This treatment is amazing and although i was a little apprehensive at first, it is well worth every penny paid.I went up 9 shades in total.Sparklem are very professional and helpful and i will definitely be recommending. Thank you very much x

Teeth Whitening

Posted Thursday 16 Feb 2012 12:52 PM
Thank you Emma , im so pleased with the results from the teeth whitening! Emma is very professional and made me feel at ease with the procedure . I would highly recommend Sparklem x

Clay Body Wrap

Posted Wednesday 15 Feb 2012 20:06 PM
Had my first body wrap today by Jessie, she was so lovely and professional , always made sure I was comfortable! Wrap felt amazing an immediately makes you feel better about your self. I had one for a confidence boost which it certainly did and also lost 9 and a half inches ! Thankyou so much I am so pleased with the results ! Emma and Jess are a great team x x x

laser teeth whitening

Posted Wednesday 15 Feb 2012 18:57 PM
i had my teeth whightened yesterday by emma who is such a lovely lady and very professional. Iam very happy with the results of my teeth and would definatley recommend emma to every one Thank you emma xx

Laser teeth whitening

Posted Tuesday 14 Feb 2012 17:58 PM
First I want to say that Emma is such a lovely and professional lady! I had her ver to mine for a teeth whitening session for me and my partner and was pleasantly surprised at how well the treatment worked as was my partner! I would definitely recommend Emma and her Sparklem Laser Teeth Whitening treatment! Thanks Emma! Qlacey x

Teeth whitening

Posted Saturday 11 Feb 2012 13:07 PM
I had my teeth whitened today & am extremely happy with the results... 8 s hades lighter! The light in the salon did not do them justice, am very very happy! Will recommend, thank you Emma once again! X

lovely teeth

Posted Thursday 09 Feb 2012 21:31 PM
just had my teeth whitened for an early valentines prezzie an they look amazing :) never would have thought to have had them done myself but after seeing the results really couldnt have asked for a better present.. thanks emma.. Pete x

Beauty treatment

Posted Wednesday 08 Feb 2012 12:04 PM
I have been having my legs waxed for years by various people, but found jessie to be the most delightful & gentle person Ive seen. She made me feel comfortable and told me everything that she was going to do,and even explained things that I never knew. I wont go anywhere else now , and am looking to have a beauty party with my friends, using Jessie and her team.Thankyou.Angela x

Wow Factor!

Posted Tuesday 07 Feb 2012 22:13 PM
I had my Teeth Whitened last week and they look great! Emma was recommended to me by a colleague i work with and im really pleased with the results. The service i received at my home was extremely professional and very friendly and i would not hesitate to use Sparklem again if i need a top-up. Thank-you Emma......


Posted Monday 06 Feb 2012 21:37 PM
I had my teeth done last week. At first they didn't look much different until I went upstairs into my bathroom and smiled. Such a difference and given me a massive confidence boost. Emma was really nice, pleasant, made me feel really comfortable and was hilarious and fun. Much easier than I expected and I'll definitely be recommending and possibly using again in the future!! Thank you

Teeth Whitening :-)

Posted Monday 06 Feb 2012 21:36 PM
Ive just finished having my teeth whitened by Emma and I cannot thank her enough. She was so professional but also down to earth. I felt like I had known her for years. My teeth are so brilliant white. I went 9/10 shades lighter. I would recommend Sparklem to everyone. Im smiling at everyone now. Will deffo use again when I need a top up - Kay xx

Teeth whitening - FAB

Posted Wednesday 01 Feb 2012 09:30 AM
I had my teeth whitened by emma last week i am s happy with the result and the friendly service. I would recommend sparklem 10/10. my teeth went 11 shades lighter, and i cant stop looking at them becci xxx

Excellent and REAL!

Posted Monday 30 Jan 2012 13:32 PM
Literally just had my teeth whitened, myself and my mum. Emma was very professional, and very friendly and helpful. She was very chatty and made us feel very comfortable. My teeth and 10 shades whiter ontop and 11 underneath. My mums also. I would recommend Emma 100%! Sarah

Thankyou :)

Posted Saturday 28 Jan 2012 23:01 PM
I had my teeth whitened yesterday, i love them! I was a bit scared, not even sure why, but it was totally fine, and Emma explained everything to me and kept checking i was ok bless her! I must say i am finding my white diet a tad difficult, lol, love my food too much, but its worth it for my new pearly whites. Will be booking again for a top up when needed and also perhaps other treatments as they all sound very nice :) Thankyou Emma, Vicki xx

Teeth Whitening. :)

Posted Saturday 28 Jan 2012 12:27 PM
I just had my teeth whitened and I love them, I seriously cannot stop smiling im sending pictures to my friends of my teeth, I have tried so many things to try and get the perfect white teeth and when I found out about this I couldn't wait to get it done! :) I'm very very happy and I cannot wait to show my teeth off to everyone. HIGHLY recommended, such friendly service, really lovely lady made a friendship instead of just a 'therapist'. :) Can't wait to try all the other services Emma provides. Worth every penny!! Thank you again!! xxxx

sooo pleased

Posted Friday 27 Jan 2012 22:55 PM
Emma came to my house to whiten my teeth, very very happy with the results, shall be recommending for sure ;-) x

Fantastic eye lashes

Posted Wednesday 25 Jan 2012 19:02 PM
I had my eyelashes done and i am so pleased with how they look. The are very natural, full and long.I feel like a million dollar wag !! It only took and hour and Rhianne (beauty lady ) is fantastic . I highly recommend it and will be using Sparklem Beauty again . Thank you x

Excellent Service

Posted Monday 23 Jan 2012 15:18 PM
Thanks again Emma for making my teeth 9 shades whiter! So happy with the results and think you are such a great lady and very professional. Will definately recommend you to all my friends, and have a top up in the future. x

gorgeous nails

Posted Sunday 22 Jan 2012 01:30 AM
Absolutely love the full set cartied out by leah matthews...look gorgepus and she was polite and funny gladly recommend xx

Beautiful nails & spray tan

Posted Saturday 21 Jan 2012 22:37 PM
Thank you for doing my nails and tan for me yesterday, Im so happy with the nails, they look gorgeous! My tans such a lovely colour too !! I am so glad you offer this service at home,2 beauty treatments and I didnt even leave the house! Friendly,tip top service with excellent prices.See you again soon.Meghan Ashford x

Top up tan and nails

Posted Friday 20 Jan 2012 13:01 PM
I just had a package at my home with the sparklem ladies...I'm so pleased with how I look! I have a white smile,beautiful tan and stunning nails too.all the girls are really friendly and very professional and the whole package was very reasonable. I feel and look amazing.thankyou sparklem...xx

Absolutely fab service with friendly staff!

Posted Monday 16 Jan 2012 13:57 PM
I am thrilled with losing 16 and a half inches in total after my body wrap and the eyebrows and eyelashes look fab too, all painless very relaxing and great girls to talk to am very much looking forward to them coming back next month! Totally recommend your services more than happy with prices, staff and reliability xxx thanks again

Superb Service!

Posted Friday 13 Jan 2012 14:15 PM
Couldn't have found a better place to get my teeth whitened. Emma was fantastic, providing an excellent service. Will definitely recommend to others. Thank you Emma!


Posted Thursday 12 Jan 2012 22:47 PM
After having my teeth whitened I was immediately impressed with the results,I have had so many compliments about how white my teeth now are.I have told them where to go! this service is second to none!

Hollywood Smiles with 5* Service

Posted Thursday 12 Jan 2012 17:48 PM
Emma was amazing and all of us have been pleased with the results. It was worth every penny. Highly recommended to get Sparklem to put the sparkle back in to your smile. Thanks Emma

White Smile & Fantastic Tan

Posted Thursday 12 Jan 2012 10:15 AM
Just before christmas i had a top up on my teeth with Emma which brought my teeth back to a brilliant white! Emma has done the full whitening on my teeth over 6 months ago before my wedding and i was over the moon with the results and felt like a top up before christmas. It gives you great confidence as everyone notices how white your teeth are and are always commenting! I would not use anyone else as i know Emma is so friendly and an absolute pro at her job! I also treated myself to a spray tan which i will definately be doing again, the colour was absolutely perfect with not a patch or streak in sight, a deep golden glow which looked like i had just got back from holiday! I have had spray tans in past from other salons and they have never been as flawless and lasted as long as this one. The beautician who done the spray tan made me feel really at ease and comfortable. Really cant thank Emma and Jess enough for squeezing me in at such short notice and making me bronzed with a white smile, will highly recommend Sparklem to everyone. Im sure i will be making another appointment very soon xxxx

My brilliant sparkling teeth..!!

Posted Thursday 12 Jan 2012 00:29 AM
Emma come to my house to do my teeth and although I woz in the comfort of my own home she still made me feel so relaxed..!! I'm a person that can't really stand things in my mouth as I tend 2 gag with it but Emma made me feel so much at ease an relaxed that I was able to still have it done without any discomfort..!! The results were brilliant and my teeth are so noticeably white...It's the best thing I've done in a long time and will definitely be returning and recommending "Sparklem" to others..!! Thank you so much Emma..xx


Posted Friday 06 Jan 2012 21:27 PM
wow 9 shades lighter they look brilliant !!!! and Emma is sooo nice and such a pro thanks Emma xx


Posted Wednesday 04 Jan 2012 17:58 PM
I had my teeth whitened by Emma today and the results were outstanding! The customer service that Emma provided me was also brilliant and up to a very high standard!! The treatment was quick and i felt so comfortable that i nearly fell asleep!!!! Emma took my teeth up to 9 shades lighter and i am very very pleased. Thanks Sparklem and i will definately be back for more!!!! :) xx

Excellent Results!!

Posted Wednesday 04 Jan 2012 17:37 PM
I had my teeth whitened by Emma and the results were outstanding! The customer service Emma gave was also excellent and after the treatment i received i would highly recommend and wouldn't go anywhere else! She took my teeth up to 9 shades lighter and the results were immediately noticable and i felt no discomfort, actually nearly fell asleep where i was so relaxed! I would definately recommend Sparklem to all my friends and without a doubt i will be back! Thanks Em :) xx

loving the results. would highly reccomend!

Posted Tuesday 27 Dec 2011 20:30 PM
My husband and I had our teeth whitened with sparklem for our wedding in September. We were more than happy with the results, my teeth went to the top of their white scale and my husbands came up 7 shades whiter. We had the treatment home which was really convenient too and Emma who done our teeth was so reassuring and lovely. I'm so glad we had it done as you can really tell in our wedding photos how white our teeth are! Worth every penny and would really recommend sparklem to anyone. Thank you.

Emma is second to none!!!

Posted Sunday 18 Dec 2011 20:32 PM
Just had my teeth completed by Emma, went up 10 grades on top and bottom and I'm chuffed with the results, great professional service which was also lighthearted and friendly. Had to change my appointment last minute and she accommodated me regardless, would without a doubt recommended to everyone, worth every penny. Have a great Christmas and enjoy the wine!!!!


Posted Thursday 15 Dec 2011 21:11 PM
WOW!...I love my new pearly whites!..couldn't believe the results! So professional and great company too, all in the comfort of my own home too! Would highly recommend Emma to anyone. Money well spent without a doubt! :) x

I can't believe the results

Posted Tuesday 13 Dec 2011 21:46 PM
This is the best money I've ever spent. My teeth are so much whiter and I'm constantly smiling. I've been a smoker for 30 years and my teeth look amazing. I'd recommend this to anyone. Emma's also given me tips on how to keep my teeth white including using cigarette filters. John, St Leonards

I can smile now !!! B

Posted Wednesday 07 Dec 2011 21:51 PM
A brilliant result. Even better that it could be done in my own home and in the evening. Emma was lovely company too! A true professional. I felt no pain throughout the whole process and won't need top up for more than a year now, so value for money too. Thanks Emma

Professional and very genuine

Posted Wednesday 07 Dec 2011 08:58 AM
Whitening without any pain or irritation, all done in the comfort of your own home when it suits you - a very professional, lovely and genuine lady . Would definitely recommend Sparklem x

I can't stop looking in the mirror

Posted Thursday 01 Dec 2011 22:17 PM
I'm not one to hog the mirror but I had my teeth done this evening and I can't stop looking at them. I only needed a top up as I've had it done here before but they're still much whiter without looking false and pretentious. I've had no sensitive pangs or discomfort and it was affordable too. There's plenty of firms out there offering teeth whitening services so you're spoilt for choice but it was Sparklem's reviews that singled them out as extra ordinary. Having used them twice now, I have to give credit where it's due. Well done Sparklem. Thanks and don't ever go away. I think I've got the bug now.


Posted Wednesday 30 Nov 2011 16:25 PM
Just want to say a huge thank you for my body wrap, really happy with outcome, feel like I've spent hours at the gym but instead just layed on a bed for an hour :)!!! Really professional lady, would reccomend to anyone and will definatly be back for more!!!!

I can smile with pride !

Posted Tuesday 29 Nov 2011 10:31 AM
I am so pleased with the results, my teeth where grey from medication and Emma got them 11 shades lighter. What a brilliant service all in my own home. I cant say thank you enough. See you for my top up, Thanks Sparklem x

Loving it cant wait for my top up

Posted Friday 25 Nov 2011 16:36 PM
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Emma my teeth are amazing I really love them im emdarrassed to say but my teeth was really stained and shes made me have teeth that gleam would recommend this treatment to every one money well spent thanks again Emma xx

sparkly whites!

Posted Wednesday 23 Nov 2011 19:56 PM
Thank u emma for my sparkly whites I love love love them! Fab teeth fab smile fab service.Shelley Wooldridge.Ashford.

Lovely white teeth

Posted Tuesday 22 Nov 2011 22:10 PM
Thank you for my lovely white teeth, very pleased with the results,excellent service as well, was really nice meeting you as well, will def book with you again. Thanks again emma :-) xx lisa watts


Posted Tuesday 22 Nov 2011 21:41 PM
A big thank you too Emma who did an amazing job on my teeth today ,12 shades lighter ,i would highly recommend to everyone ,very professional lady and a truly excellent service :) Mark

Wow !!

Posted Monday 21 Nov 2011 00:45 AM
I just wanted to post a quick thank you message and say what an amazing Job Emma has done on my teeth, not only were the results totally fantastic but Emma is a true professional and a lovely person to boot..!! I would thoroughly recommend her and will be seeing her again in the future for sure. Ross


Posted Saturday 19 Nov 2011 20:43 PM
Would like to thank Emma so much for doing our teeth. Very professional , the procedure was explained well and the fact that she's such a lovely, funny and helpfull person made it a nice experience. Huge difference, very reasonably priced, extremley pleased at the end (10 shades lighter !) Recommending to everyone, thanks emma xx keith and jessica

Very pleased!

Posted Wednesday 09 Nov 2011 10:55 AM
Thankyou for whitening my teeth.The result was amazing.I had my braces removed and wanted my teeth to not just be straight, but white too.So booked with sparklem and am very pleased I did.10 shades lighter.It as painless,quick and comfortable.Brilliant price too.Sarah.Charing.xx

Thank you so much :-)

Posted Thursday 03 Nov 2011 20:34 PM
Thanks so much Emma, I am so pleased with my teeth they look fab especially the little set back one that I was worried about, even that one is sparkly white, worth every penny. So conveinient, coming to the house to do it too. Will be recommending you to everyone, thanks again - Jen Hobbs x

teeth whitening

Posted Monday 31 Oct 2011 13:27 PM
Woukd like to thank Emma for coming to my house to do my teeth she was so lovely friendly and funny. Not only did she whiten my teeth but helped look after my children while i was under the light which she didnt have to do but she did oh and the cat lol. Def going back for top up's when needed and im more than happy with the results. Thanks Emma x x From Sam at chattenden xx

Dentist was impressed

Posted Friday 14 Oct 2011 23:02 PM
After having teeth whitened a couple of days ago, I visited my dentist for colour matching for a crown. He commented that my teeth were really white. I felt really chuffed. Certainly recommend Sparklem :)


Posted Thursday 13 Oct 2011 16:17 PM
Thank you for today, very professional and lovely. Very pleased with them:-)) worth the money I felt at ease it was done at my home. will be seeing you for my top up.xx Jo Collins

New white teeth

Posted Thursday 13 Oct 2011 15:52 PM
Thanks again for today. Really pleased with my new white teeth! fantastic! def come back for a top up.Sophie.Ashford.

optimum results

Posted Monday 10 Oct 2011 13:51 PM
Emma is proffesional warm friendly the service level of care is 1st class make a appointment today the effects have longevity and top ups are readily available and reasonably priced. Claire,Hastings.


Posted Friday 07 Oct 2011 09:49 AM
Hi i've never had my teeth whitened before but wanted to for ages. I heard about Sparklem so gave it a go and I'm really pleased with the results. There was no pain at all and I had really white within an hour! Michael x


Posted Friday 07 Oct 2011 09:41 AM
My teeth are now sparkling white and lots of people have commented! Emma is lovely and makes the whole experience relaxing. I followed the white diet for 48 hours and actually lost weight so I got a double wammy! lol I'd highly recommend Sparklem and I'd never go anywhere else now. Love Sharon xx

all good

Posted Thursday 06 Oct 2011 21:10 PM
Very happy with end result, very professional and friendly is old Emma, she makes you feel relaxed and always concerned if your ok through the treatment would recommend to give sparklem a try if you want nice white teeth thanks emma x

Wow! We're convinced!!!

Posted Thursday 06 Oct 2011 20:30 PM
Where to start... ? Only good things. Emma is very friendly and professional. We were lucky to have her come to ours. Very relaxed session... And great, unbelievable results! You've got to try it to believe it! Worth every penny!!! We're both very impressed and will be calling her for top-ups very soon :) David and Lawrence (and Hugo)


Posted Monday 03 Oct 2011 19:58 PM
Couldn't ask for a a more than friendly Emma she was great had fun lots of chatting and really genuine my teeth are great thanks Emma would recommend and would go back x

Its outstanding

Posted Tuesday 27 Sep 2011 13:29 PM
I was extremly nervous and sceptical, But i must say emma was fantastic,made me feel very comfortable as she explained the whole process to me before during and after the treatment.. I never felt a thing so relaxing i nearly fell asleep, and to top the lot my god my teeth are so nice and white, i will look to people and smile with confidence now..... so glad i used sparklem.... top service with outstanding results. thanks emma. john


Posted Friday 16 Sep 2011 23:45 PM
Very pleased with my end result, didn't expect my teeth to become this white! Great service, very friendly and very cheap! Will be booking sparklem for my top up. See you soon.Craig

Amazing results

Posted Thursday 08 Sep 2011 08:57 AM
We had a teeth whitening party with 5 of us, and are amazed at our results.Emma was friendly and explained everything to us and made us feel at ease.Each treatment only took an hour and was pain free.All of us each had whiter teeth from 8 to 11 shades lighter.By the end of our sessions there was house full of very customers.We highly recommend Emma,great price,great results.Thankyou x

Great results, thanks Emma.

Posted Wednesday 07 Sep 2011 15:48 PM
When i first decided to get my teeth whitened i was given a home kit by my dentist, it cost a small fortune, made my teeth extremely sensitive, my gums red raw and after all that the results were VERY disappointing. So i contacted Emma. not anly is she lovely and friendly the reults were fantastic and the price very reasonable. I highly recommend Sparklem and Emma, my friends and family are all now obsessed with wanting theirs done aswell. Thanks! Danielle x

Thanks Emma!

Posted Tuesday 30 Aug 2011 23:14 PM
Really impressed with my teeth! Very professional and provided a fantastic service! I would definitely recommend to anyone and wouldn't go anywhere else! Thanks! Jamie x

Thankyou Emma !

Posted Sunday 21 Aug 2011 20:15 PM
Had my teeth whitened on saturday by Emma and was pleased with the whole treatment. Every step of the way I was talked through and made comfortable so it was easy to feel relaxed whilst under the laser. The results made me smile straight away and could not believe the difference in the shade of my teeth before and after treatment! Could not thank Emma enough for her effort to make me happy. Definately the right choice to book with Sparklem :)

Excellent service

Posted Wednesday 10 Aug 2011 16:59 PM
I've had my teeth whitened elsewhwere twice before and thought I should shop around first this time. I'm so glad I did. Emma was excellent value for money, worked in the comfort of my own home without any mess and did a great job. She put me completely at ease too. She's done my wife's teeth now as well. Thanks Emma. We'll see you again next time. Paul

Very Proffesional / Great results! :-D

Posted Tuesday 02 Aug 2011 20:53 PM
I had my teeth whitend on friday and was so pleased with the results! They were amazing, Every one thats seen my new sparkly smile have made a comment and said how lovely my teeth look and would definalty be intrested in getting it done. Emma makes you feel comftable in your own home and is very easy to get on with, shes a lovely lady and i would definatly reccomend her. Im so happy with the results and look forward to seeing her again! Once again thankyou :-D Amy xxx

thankyou emma

Posted Tuesday 26 Jul 2011 19:12 PM
booked emma, to do hubby joe,s teeth for a birthday prezzie, emma explained everything to him , made him feel comfy and at ease, he was so pleased with the results and has been walking around beaming at eveyone, they must have thought he was mad, thankyou so much emma one satisfied customer shall be recommending sparklem to friends xx

Excellent results

Posted Tuesday 26 Jul 2011 16:02 PM
After having laser treatment my teeth are 10 shades lighter on the top, and 9 on the bottom.Professional,fast and value for money.Most pleased with the service and the end results.Many thanks.Shaun Clarke.

Wow I now have White teeth

Posted Friday 01 Jul 2011 12:59 PM
My teeth look fantastic thank you so much , a professional excellent service I will recommending to everyone I know Thank you again Emma ..
Amber Stimpson ,,


Posted Wednesday 29 Jun 2011 16:46 PM
I had my teeth whitened yesterday and am so amazed at the results.My teeth are at the top of the teeth chart.Emma was professional and chatty it made me feel comfortable.It was painless.Im made up with my teeth getting 10 shades lighter.Thank you it was well worth the money.

i had mine done

Posted Thursday 23 Jun 2011 21:46 PM
would reccommend emma...i was so happy with mine and still am months on...pain free and excellent service..emma makes u feel at ease...with outstanding results..u think yr teeth are not that bad till u have them done...brilliant! xx

Brilliant results!

Posted Wednesday 22 Jun 2011 09:19 AM
I booked a wedding party for myself and hubby to be, and bridesmaids.I was a little nervous as i didnt know what to expect from the treatment,but Emma explained the procedure to me, and I was soon made to feel at ease.The treatment only took an hour it didnt hurt at all,and i am so pleased with the results.My teeth came up 8 shades lighter and hubby to be's came up 9. we got a free treatment with the booking too! We now have beautiful white teeth ready for the wedding pics!! Thanks Sparklem xx

top up

Posted Monday 20 Jun 2011 13:28 PM
i have just had my top up done on my teeth and they are realy white im so happy with them as didnt think the top up would bring them up this much as its not so long as the first treatment but im so happy and cant wait for 6wks for ur return to do it all again i so recomend emma shes so professional but also so chatty and makes you feel at ease so if ur thinkin of havein your teeth done then spaklem is the right one to choose and all in the comfort of your own home i will be seein you in 6wks and thank you again??

Unbelieveable Results!!

Posted Sunday 19 Jun 2011 12:43 PM
I had my teeth whitened in a dentist about three years previous and it was very painful and overall a horrible experience with me not really realising a huge difference! Therefore i was a little worried having it done again but as soon as i met Emma she explained everything she was going to do and put me at ease straight away. She was so professional but really friendly at the same time. I did not have any pain whatsoever and the whole experience was surprisingly relaxing! My final result was that my teeth were 9 shades whiter bringing them close to the top of natural whiteness chart! I was so pleased, it was the best money ive ever spent. I would recommend Sparklem to anybody and all my friends want it done now. I will definately being using them again to keep my teeth sparkling white with top up sessions. Thanks again. Lisa x

A white smile! :)

Posted Saturday 18 Jun 2011 16:19 PM
I held a teeth whitening party and I can honestly say every one of us are very pleased with the results. My teeth alone went 9 shades whiter. I could not believe the difference and now whenever I pass a mirror I can't help but have a look. Emma is very professional and can answer any questions you ask her about laser teeth whitening. I know we will all be using her again for a top up in the future :) Thanks Sparklem x


Posted Friday 17 Jun 2011 15:48 PM
I chose to have my teeth whitened by sparklem and can not beleive the results as an ex smoker my teeth were stained but I didnt realise just how badly until Emma worked her magic, I cant stop smiling and showing off my new white teeth. Emma herself came to my house and set her equipment up very quickly and got to work at putting me at ease she talked me through everything as she was doing so I knew what was going on,all my friends have booked to have their teeth done now.. Thanks Emma x

5 * Service

Posted Friday 17 Jun 2011 12:15 PM
I had my teeth whitened 3 days ago, and they look brilliant! I am extremely happy and feel more confident with my new teeth. I went 9 shades lighter and it didn't hurt at all. The lady was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. Ive told all my friends about it and recommenced Sparklem to everybody.


Posted Friday 17 Jun 2011 12:08 PM
I used sparklem and the results where amazing! The lady was very professional and came my home , the treatment was only an hour. My teeth where top of the scale and it was totally pain free. I was amazed for only £130 when i have paid up to £400 with other whitening companies and this company gave me THE BEST RESULTS ! I highly recommend using Spaklem and i have already booked in for my top up Thankyou so much
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